Alicia Vikander Explains Why She Deleted Instagram After Just A Month Of Using The App

Alicia Vikander Explains Why She Deleted Instagram After Just A Month Of Using The App
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The Tomb Raider actress was just not that into Instagram! Alicia Vikander previously made an account on the popular photo-sharing app but it only took her one month on it to delete her account.

Vikander posed for the cover of Harper's Bazaar's April issue and during her interview for the magazine, she also revealed why she decided to leave the app!

‘I realized pretty early that social media was not good for me. I didn’t find the joy in it,’ the star shared with the news outlet.

She went on to claim that she manages to find self-confidence away from ‘likes.’

Alicia gets confidence within herself but even when she doesn’t feel too great, she manages to hide it and actually likes to keep those insecurities to herself.

‘In the industry, you must be willing to put yourself out there, which I enjoy. I am good at hiding all the nerves inside. Something that I've heard all my life is, ‘You seem so tough.’ I think one of the main things I do well is not show I’m s****ing my pants,’ she explained.

The actress really wants to help young girls grow up to have the same type of confidence, which is also why she thought it was so important for Lara Croft to be relatable as well as somebody anyone could look up to.

While chatting with Marie Claire, she stated: ‘We wanted to base the action in reality. She is a girl my size, having to overcome a lot of obstacles. I wanted it to be believable she could do it. All of the action scenes when I had to fight a man bigger than me - we had to figure out how I could actually kick his a**.’

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