Alicia Keys Opens Up About Her Super Special Mother's Day Plans

Alicia Keys Opens Up About Her Super Special Mother's Day Plans
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The singer has some big plans for Mother’s Day! Alicia Keys shared all about it during an interview with E! News and it apparently includes a very special travel buddy.

Keys teased that she is planning on going on a very special trip, keeping the destination under wraps.

She did mention, however, that it is somewhere abroad and explained why it is something she is looking forward to.

That being said, what makes the trip so noteworthy is that she's bringing her mom along 'so we are going to have a real special bonafide Mother's Day zone.’ That is really sweet!

Speaking of motherhood, Alicia is also a mother herself since she has two sons named Egypt and Genesis.

She went on to dish some more about the trip with her mom saying that ‘I was raised by my mother. I spent most of my time with her. As far as I remember, every single memory is mostly with her. As time passes, you actually... have kids, have a family, you have a life, have a career…you realize you do not see your mom as much as you really want to.’

‘I love getting to know her as a friend...We are best friends and we are equals and it is a really special place in the journey to come to.’

It makes sense that she is looking forward to the trip and gives it so much importance.

The mother and daughter duo seem to have a really close and loving relationship!

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