Alicia Keys is a model for women worldwide

Alicia Keys is a model for women worldwide
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We all know that Alicia is famous for writing some powerful songs dedicated to strong women. And according to her declarations, it is quite ironic that she had to raise her sons with a strong focus on sisterhood. Moreover, she believes that all this is part of a bigger plan.

She declared for the Sunday Telegraph that she think all of it is a gift she received, because she feels it's really intentional on the part of the universe, a way to tell her that it's an important part of her role on earth. The 35-year-old singer has two sons with her husband Swizz Beats, whom they named Genesis and Egypt. She also takes an active part in raising the children her husband has from a previous relationship, namely one daughter, Nicole, and two sons, Kaseem and Nas.

She also said that it's about the children seeing what a woman like her can do and achieve. Moreover, she teaches them what does respect mean and how to honor it and revere it, while also appreciating the individuality, strength and diversity in women.

The singer even released a single belonging on her future album Here, that is in fact a celebration of their not-so-conventional family. Besides the final touches for the album, Alicia Keys is also taking the role of a judge in The Voice competition, together with Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton.

The R&B queen is also very appreciated for the fact that she quit celebrity and dedicated her spare time to activism. She further declared that during the show she has really grown to appreciate Miley Cyrus. What she likes about her is the fact that despite all the bad publicity and the hateful comments she receives in the media, she keeps going without being affected by it.


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