Alice Evans Says She Rejected Harvey Weinstein's Advances And It May Have Impacted Her Career

Alice Evans Says She Rejected Harvey Weinstein's Advances And It May Have Impacted Her Career

Today, Saturday, October 14th, Alice Evans wrote an essay for the British publication, The Telegraph, where she revealed an uncomfortable situation with Harvey Weinstein. In her paper, she explained that she had rejected Harvey's advances and since then, her career, as well as her boyfriend's, may have suffered.

According to the 46-year-old actress, the encounter occurred at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival where Harvey approached her with a drink and congratulated her on Gruffudd's recent projects.

At this time, Evans was aware of the rumors regarding Weinstein's alleged misconduct, but she was concerned with making a good impression to further her career.

She thought at the time, "This is my moment to impress Harvey Weinstein," and she worried if she were boring she would never get a second chance. Despite hearing about endless stories of "massages and handjobs" in motel rooms, she never thought it would happen to her, but it did.

Evans explained that he asked her to go into the hotel bathroom with him, but she said no in a joking manner to excuse herself. According to Alice, he stated, "just go. I'm right behind you. I want to touch your t*ts. Kiss you a little."

When she pushed him off of her, he stated with a malicious tone, "let's hope it all works out for your boyfriend."

The next morning, she told her management team what happened, and they said to her, "I was worried you might say that. They called this morning. It's not going Ioan's way." One year later, she auditioned for a part on a Weinstein production and a female producer said she wouldn't get the part. Now, she wonders if her interaction with Harvey was the issue.

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