Alexis Skyy's Video At A Club Hosting Has Fans Criticizing Her

Alexis Skyy's Video At A Club Hosting Has Fans Criticizing Her
Credit: BET

Alexis Skyy had a recent event at a club, but she did not want to skip it. As a lot of fans said, she seems to be doing everything to secure the bag, so here's what she did this time.

Check out the clip featuring Alexis below:

Someone said: 'When u wanna stay safe, but u also want people to see your outfit,' and another follower exclaimed: 'I’m sooo dead 😂 get the bag sis by any means necessary!!'

A follower noticed, 'As she flicks her hair, near her face with possibly contaminated gloves. Lol....okay sis,' someone else said: 'she got a sick kid & this how she makes money. y’all can chill this one time.'

Someone else posted: 'If she wasn’t playing, she would’ve kept it on the whole time.'

One commenter had this to say: 'If you felt you had to wear that outside, why go to a club full of people who didn't take your level of safety precautions and proceed to take it off. She's goofy asf, and people actually follow her.'

A person said that 'Just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean you are brains,' and another follower posted this: 'Girl sit tf down you just doing any damn thing now 🥴 pretty with no brain.'

Someone else said: 'What’s the point if you gonna touch yourself with the gloves after de-growing improperly.'

In other news, Alexis wanted to make her fans excited and shared an announcement on her social media account.

But the feedback that she got was not exactly the one she was probably going for. She was announcing her fans that she'll be taking part at a public event .

People freak out because she was saying earlier that she was not feeling so good, and as expected, everyone went crazy with panic and said that maybe she has the coronavirus.

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