Alexis Skyy's New Video Featuring Her Daughter Playing With Her Hair Has Fans Smiling

Alexis Skyy's New Video Featuring Her Daughter Playing With Her Hair Has Fans Smiling
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Alexis Skyy has been in the spotlight a lot lately with various haters bashing heer for the racy pics that she's sharing on her social media account. Alexis said that women are just jealous of her beauty, and she also made it very clear that she can be both a gorgeous woman and a great mother.

Some haters even told her that she should be looking out after her daughter more, and she made sure to respond to these haters and tell them that she's holding on to her baby girl tight , and she will have her back forever.

You may recall that two years ago when Alexis went into pre-term labor, she was not even sure that her baby was going to make it.

But, in January, her baby girl,  Alaiya Grace, celebrated her 2nd birthday .

Anyway, now Alexis shared a new video featuring the sweet baby girl playing with her mother's hair. Fans are smiling in the comments and praising Alexis' daughter.

'Best moments I spend are with you, 💕💕' Alexis captioned her post.

Someone said that 'The fact that she knows what that brush does is amazing progress, beautiful princess,' and another follower posted this: 'The best feeling when kids play in your hair.'

Another follower said, 'That made me smile,' and someone else posted this: 'She is hooking you up ❤️❤️❤️love seeing y’all playing around.'

One of Alexis' fans said: 'Check her out, she trying to do hair.. lol, some good moments,' and another follower posted: 'Awwwww she is so pretty 😍 and smart lol watch when she gets older she gone be yo hairstylist. 💯😂'

Another commenter wrote: 'Hello! I just wanted you to know that I think ur a wonderful mother. Your baby girl is so beautiful, like her mother! Keep up the great work. Stay blessed.'

Alexis is definitely living her best life these days, and she could not care less about the haters.

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