Alexis Skyy's Former BFF Apologizes For Exposing Her

Alexis Skyy's Former BFF Apologizes For Exposing Her
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Alexis Skyy's former BFF, King Ikey, went viral for exposing her via Instagram last week. This week, he is singing a different tune.

King and Alexis' beef started when she accused her former business partner of stealing from her. Although she didn't start the argument, she did post something about loyalty that ignited the back and forth.

This lead to Ikey doing a Q and A where he revealed that she was the culprit who leaked her own sex tape with Fetty Wap, why she can't keep a man, and who is paying for her new business ventures.

He also threatened to expose even more in a message.

'Alexis, u can stop calling my mother making up lies…& sending threats B4 I retaliate. Soon as some BS come my way, game on!!!!! U started it by posting that email insinuating I accepted money from somebody without ur knowledge, when u know d*** well what the deal was!!!!! & that’s all Ima say, the only reason I did the Q&A was bc you posted that email insinuating what u did…when u leave it alone, I will as well.'

Just days later, it seems that her frenemy has changed his tune.


In a lengthy Instagram Story, Ikey explains that he said and did those things out of anger. He still loves Alexis but his pride got in the way of his character.

The social media influencer added that he loves Alexis' daughter as if she was his own. He did slightly go on the defense when he stated that he didn't say anything that the public didn't already know about her but he is sincerely apologizing for the actions he took.

Ikey ended his note by saying that he loves her, wishes her the best, and will still support her.

What do you think about this apology? Do you think Alexis will accept?

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