Alexis Skyy's Baby Girl Underwent Emergency Brain Surgery

Alexis Skyy's Baby Girl Underwent Emergency Brain Surgery
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Just the other day, Alexis Skyy had her fans worried when she asked them to pray for her baby girl. The Shade Room posted her messages on social media and the second one was telling everyone that everything is okay and the little one is good.

TSR reports that TMZ revealed that Alexis's baby girl Alaiya, had to have emergency brain surgery.

'The site reports that Alaiya needed the procedure to “repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps drain blood and fluids.” As many of us know, last year she was born prematurely, and she suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. Alexis spoke about her baby girl’s condition on the latest season of #LHHNY,' TSR posted.

TSR continued and explained that insiders stated that Alexis 'noticed something was wrong on a flight from Atlanta to New York because Alaiya started to vomit excessively. They quickly went to the hospital where doctors started to operate. Thankfully everything went well.'

Someone posted 'You mean to tell me she has real issues at home and should be putting as much focus and energy into her child, but she has the time to be out fighting with Black Chyna??? That’s this modern parenthood! Y’all crazy.'

Antoher follower wrote that 'you are very ignorant she spends time with her baby and didn’t your parents work and leave you with a sitter like omg you can’t be this stupid Alexis has to work and provide for her child you got so much to say pay Alexis bills then so she can stay home then bird.'

Someone else had only kind thoughts for the family and wrote: 'Lord Jesus touch this Family and give them the strength and courage and to keep the faith and to keep fighting through all the criticism.'

We're happy to know that things went well and we wish Alexis and her baby daughter lots of health and good days ahead.

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