Alexis Skyy Wishes Her Mom Happy Birthday: Fans Say They Are Twins In This Picture!

Alexis Skyy Wishes Her Mom Happy Birthday: Fans Say They Are Twins In This Picture!
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Alexis Skyy has been celebrating her wins during a very popular week she is having. Now the Instagram model is celebrating her mother's birthday.

Alexis announced that it was her mom's big day on her Instagram Stories. She then posted a beautiful photo of herself and the woman where fans had to take a second look.

At first, Alexis' followers thought that she had a twin until they read her caption to find out that it was her mom!


The 24-year-old lovingly captioned the snapshot: "Happy birthday mama ♥️♥️"

Fans immediately went to the comment section to compliment the women.

"Your mom looks like she can be your sister😍😳 y’all look like twins"

"Blessings happiness and prosperity to your beautiful family may your mother be BLESSED ABUNDANTLY THIS DAY N ALL OTHERS."

"Mama is beautiful u look like her Happy Birthday"

"If she would’ve never said mother I would’ve thought that was her twin"

The compliments went on for over a few thousand comments.

Alexis started a media circus a week ago when she told Instagram Live that she wanted to fight Blac Chyna.

Almost immediately after the incident went viral, Rob Kardashian posted that she was his Woman Crush Wednesday.

It was previously believed that Rob was trying to be petty when he had Alexis pop up on his Snapchat while cooking in the kitchen, but sources are now claiming that Alexis and Rob have been a thing for quite some time now.

Fetty Wap's baby mother even went as far to say that she 'loves' him when asked by Blac Chyna's boyfriend, Kid Buu, if she was with him for clout.

Skyy's week ended with a scary chain of events. After showing up to Fetty Wap's other baby mama's club of employment, the woman confronted Alexis Skyy and followed her crew to a White Castle parking lot where she pulled out a knife!

Lazhae Zeona was later arrested and charged for her actions. Alexis has not publicly commented on the shocking incident.

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