Alexis Skyy Talks About The Cucumber Video & Alleged Fight - See The Video

Alexis Skyy Talks About The Cucumber Video & Alleged Fight - See The Video
Credit: BET

You may be aware of the fact that during the past weekend, Trouble revealed that he was hosting a pool party. People were obviously expecting to see things getting wild there, but it seems that things got to the very next level.

Hot New Hip Hop brings up Alexis Skyy, who also took part in an NSFW cucumber challenge.

Alexis addressed this event and also an alleged fight that she was said to have taken part in at that party.

According to the women involved in this fight, they got into an altercation with Alexis and beat her up.

The online publication mentioned above noted that Alexis later stated that she's not the person in the video and didn't fight anyone.

This is the part which Toya Wright's daughter, Reginae Carter attended and people bashed her for this.

Anyway, here's Alexis' video in which she speaks about all of this.

Someone commented: 'Well aside from the BS she looks amazing without makeup everybody ain’t able 🙌🏾'

Another follower said: 'People keep saying she was dragged down a hill, but that face look perfectly fine.'

One other commenter said: 'I feel like once you have a child you're supposed to changed for the better and make wiser decisions, this party was disgusting and degrading AF.'

Someone else posted: 'I don't wanna hear it😂. After seeing that Cucumber video I see you in a different way 😂✌🏾'

A follower wrote: 'Meanwhile she has a baby with disabilities at home. Smh.'

Alexis recently posted something really emotional on her social media account.

She detailed her latest experience that she had, which involved helping a homeless mother and her child.


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