Alexis Skyy Shows Off The Gift For Her BF's Birthday - See The Video And Check Out This Icy Bling!

Alexis Skyy Shows Off The Gift For Her BF's Birthday - See The Video And Check Out This Icy Bling!
Credit: BET

Alexis Skyy shows off the gift that she got for her boyfriend, and it's very icy. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account below.

Someone said: 'lmao sorry if y’all hate me for this. But I’m not spending this kinda money on no “boyfriend” FIANCÉ me please HUBBY ME PLZ. tf,' and a follower said: 'Seems like they’re just doing It for the gram lmao hope she’s actually happy tho.'

Another commenter posted this: 'If moving too fast was a person,' and someone else said: 'He doesn’t seem too excited so why not give it to me.'

A fan wrote: 'They gon take away her child Medicaid she better stop,' and a commenter posted: 'I hope she takes care of her daughter like this, cause this could be her college fund‼️'

More people said that Alexis should be more focused on her baby girl and not men.

Another follower said: 'I just wish she would let this progress and play out in private,' and one commenter said: 'They are going to go broke tryna flex for the internet.'

Someone else said: 'Do they have anything else in common besides buying stuff to put on social media?' and a fan wrote: 'Lord these blessings you’re giving out these humans wasting it on diamond watches Take’th away lord ...'

In other news, people know that Alexis Skyy has turned her Instagram fame into a brand. The reality star is now compiling her life journey and lessons into a book.

Alexis has been making headlines galore lately. From  being exposed by her former best friend  to feuding with Ari Fletcher — she is unable to escape some sort of drama.

Skyy has long mastered monetizing her name by doing club appearances and launching her own skincare brand. Now, she wants people to know the real Alexis Skyy.

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