Alexis Skyy Shares A Video Of Her Little Brother Getting Invited To Prom And Fans Are In Awe - Check Out The Emotional Footage

Alexis Skyy Shares A Video Of Her Little Brother Getting Invited To Prom And Fans Are In Awe - Check Out The Emotional Footage
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Alexis Skyy just made her fans' day when she shared a video on social media featuring her little brother.

In the clip, he's getting invited to prom in a really cool way. Check out the video below to see this for yourself because it's totally worth it.

'Awwww this girl asked my brother to prom ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️' Alexis captioned the video.

Someone gushed over her brother and said 'Oh sh*t she’s tall !!! Niceeeeeeeeeee super adorable. 💕💕'

There were also haters in the comments posting about her brother and saying it's not normal that a girl asks him to prom, even if he's shy.

A fan defended him and said: 'Leave him alone!!!!! Either be nice or get the fu*k off her page. You do not have to like Alexis but don't be disrespectful to her family. My God! So many people about to burn in hell in this comment section.'

Someone gushed over the video and said 'That was so freaking sweet of her. He was so shy. He's going to have a blast at prom.'

One other fan defended the young man, saying 'Y’all so mean .. doesn’t matter if he is autistic his just as normal as we are .. I work with autistic kids and adults they are the humblest ppl !!! Let them be happy @alexisskyy_ I’m happy for your brother, and God bless that girl for making me happy ❤️💯'

Someone else was on the same page and said 'Y’all tripping I work with individuals with autism and moody of them have a family a job and a house .. they are very intelligent, and most of them are very attractive don’t let ignorant people fool you about individuals with autism they rock. 💯💕'

Another supporter has a similar opinion and here's what they posted: 'Y’all are commenting that no girl should ask a guy to prom and y’all probably the same ones who went to prom with your homegirls and have a solo picture in your mama living room. Secondly, the fact that she did ask him is admirable because she could have gone with the most popular choice but instead, she made a young man dream come true.'

A fan wrote 'Beyond adorable. So handsome and the way he responded melted my heart! 😍Ughhhh beautiful date! I hope they have funnnnnn. I remember both of my proms. So magical. @alexisskyy_ you have such a beautiful family!!😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️'

It's great that he got invited to the prom like that and this video is really emotional.

Alexis was recently in the news following reports that the ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ star may be a part of Rob’s storyline for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’

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