Alexis Skyy Shares A Throwback Pic Featuring Herself As A Baby And She's Twinning With Her Daughter

Alexis Skyy Shares A Throwback Pic Featuring Herself As A Baby And She's Twinning With Her Daughter
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Alexis Skyy as a baby looks just like her own daughter Alaiya. Alexis shared a throwback pic since she was little and she looks just like her daughter.

Her fans are here for it, and they are gushing over her in the comments section.

Someone commented 'I remember that in living color back round,😂 I had that back word 1-3 grade lol.'

Another follower said 'There was another pic of saw Alexis as a baby and lay looked like her in that one this I see just a little of Alexis.'

Someone else believes that there's still a difference: 'Her head built slightlllllly different tho sis let's be honest.🙄'

Of course, the haters jumped in the comments section as well. For instance, someone said 'Hopefully the baby doesn’t grow up acting like you though 🙃 hope she’s SMART.'

But other followers defended Alexis because there was no reason to shade her here: 'Lmfaooo Alexis gets so much hate for no reason y’all need to relax,' someone said.

Other than this, Alexis is together with Rob Kardashian, and these two have been dating for quite a while now.

It was recently reported that Rob has been spending an insane amount of money to impress Skyy.

Kris Jenner has reportedly had enough of  Rob’s new girlfriend , Alexis.

Insiders claim that the momager is sick and tired of spending her money to support Kardashian’s lavish lifestyle, most of which is spent on his new flame.

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  • TJ
    TJ Feb 27, 2019 7:32 AM PST

    Millions of women get cheated on daily, so why is it a scandal when Khole Kardashian gets cheated on? Why wasn't it a scandal when Tristan cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with Khole? Where was the scandal when Khole had sex with Lauren London's boyfriend Trey Songz? Khole did the same thing to Trina with French Montana! Explain why Khole deserves any sympathy. Khole's no Saint and never has been. She got a taste of her own medicine and didn't like it! She knew Tristan was a cheater, because that's how she got with him! Karma is a B with no expiration date! Khole face the fact that TRISTAN DOESN’T WANT YOU! If he did you would have been married by now. Tristan is a 26 year old professional athlete. He's not ready to settle down although he needs to buy some condoms. Kim is in no position to judge ANYONE! She is far from innocent with her past transgressions! I'm quite sure that Tristan doesn't give AF that Kim stopped following him! Who died and left Kim in charge of Social Media? Lastly, this has SET UP WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! As I recall didn’t Tristan cheat on Khole around the same time last year? The distraction got him benched during the NBA PLAY FINALS! The puppet master doesn't care who becomes collateral damage, as long as it raises the ratings for KUWTK, which dropped last season. Kylie and Jordyn have been friends over half their young lives. She will never find another friend like that. She shouldn't be so quick to let the friendship end over this petty BS! If there are enough zeroes on the check, most girls would have taken the money. I'm sure that this was all CONVENIENTLY drawn out by the puppet master! I give Jordyn the benefit of the doubt! Why would she risk losing her BFF Kylie over Tristan? Something about this whole situation just isn't right! Things that make you go HMMMM!

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