Alexis Skyy Posts Cryptic Messages After Hanging Out With Rob Kardashian: "He Will Bring Out The Best In Me"

Alexis Skyy Posts Cryptic Messages After Hanging Out With Rob Kardashian: "He Will Bring Out The Best In Me"
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Alexiis Skyy pulled the ultimate plot twist after her scuffle with Blac Chyna went viral. She responded by hooking up with the 30-year-old's baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian definitely had followers talking yesterday when he uploaded a photo of Alexis Skyy as is Woman Crush Wednesday, even though it was Monday.

He hinted that he has been 'wanting' the 'Love and Hip Hop' star for 'so long.'

Of course, the internet exploded once Rob's post made its way around the blogs but was brushed off as just an attempt to be petty. Only a few hours later, Alexis popped up in Calabasas, California at Rob Kardashian's house cooking a full-blown dinner with her best friend. King Ikey.

Rob and Alexis playfully flirted without showing the 'KUWK' alum's face on Alexis' Instagram Story and Rob's Snapchat.

After the fun-filled night, it appears that the Instagram model is on her way back to the east coast.

She posted some cryptic messages to her social media that has fans wondering if she and the sock line owner are the real deal.

"I wanna be with someone that brings the angel out of me...Forever! Not the devil..& he will be my husband."

"When your heart is pure & true.. The universe has a way of making sure everything works out in your favor."

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about dancing in the rain."

Rob acknowledged the criticism that he and Alexis are receiving from those watching the situation play out.


When a social media user tweeted: "Rob Kardashian never learns! Leave the pettiness to the ladies. Alexis just doing all this to spite Chyna! Grow tf up Rob! @robkardashian"

Dream Kardashian's father responded: "Me and Alexis known each other for 5 years so stop with that."

He followed it up with: "D*** i was just trying to eat some good food  ,,, GOODnight world ."

What do you believe is going to happen next? Do the two make a good match?


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