Alexis Skyy Manages To Keep Her Waist Snatched With This Band

Alexis Skyy Manages To Keep Her Waist Snatched With This Band
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Alexis Skyy showed fans her secret for keeping her waist snatched. She's obviously wearing a band, and some of her fans say that they totally support this way of making your waist thinner while working out.

Alexis was in the spotlight the other day as well, but in relation to her daughter.

You may recall that two years ago, when Alexis went into pre-term labor, she was not even sure that her baby was going to make it.

But, in January, her baby girl,  Alaiya Grace, celebrated her 2nd birthday .

Alexis recently praised her baby girl and publicly said that she is proud to be her mom.

Check out the video shared by The Shade Room and the secret that she's sharing with her followers.

'#AlexisSkyy keeps that waist snatched by adding a #DefineBand from @whatwaistofficial to her workouts! Each Define Band uses of combination of #WhatWaist’s SweatTECH and Compression Technologies to help the body purge midsection water weight through sweat all while bringing in the waistline and giving it a curved shape! Have you gotten your Define Band yet #roommates? They’re available now on #! For even more fitness assistance, check out their @warriorlifestyleprogram for only $19.99/month after a FREE seven day trial! #whatwaistwarrior @whatwaistofficial,' The Shade Room posted.

Someone slammed Alexis and hinted at the fact that 'she's plastic' aka she had cosmetic interventions done. 'They always got the plastics promoting waist trainers😒' a follower said.

Someone else does not agree with wearing these: 'Keep doing this and you won't have any ribs left 🤷🏾‍♂️'

Another follower said that we should be focused on other things as well, such as the inside and not only our looks: 'So focused on the outside -- which is cool and important -- but they should also focus on the inside, that clearly needs some work...🙄'

Have you worn a waist trainer so far?

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