Alexis Skyy Is Strongly Criticized By Fans After Doing This Dangerous Move

Alexis Skyy Is Strongly Criticized By Fans After Doing This Dangerous Move
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Alexis Skyy wanted to make her fans excited and shared an announcement on her social media account. But the feedback that she got was not exactly the one she was probably going for. Check out her post below.

People freak out because she was saying earlier that she was not feeling so good, and as expected, everyone went crazy with panic and said that maybe she has the coronavirus.

Someone said: 'She’s not gonna miss her $7000,' and another follower posted this: 'this the problem. you don’t feel well STAY HOME.'

The WHO already told people that if they are not feeling well these days, they should be staying home instead of wandering around out and about.

A follower said: 'Did she miss the "IF YOU'RE FEELING SICK STAY HOME" Announcement?' and someone else posted this: 'Make sure y’all Clorox wipe that pole!'

One follower wrote: 'GIRL you just didn’t want people to think you were scary BYE 🤣' and someone else said: 'Nobody: Alexis: sorry I couldn’t make it guys. I have a child and I need to protect my self against this coronavirus.'

One person said: 'No shade i am all for working moms BUT shouldn’t she be more worried about this virus considering her child may not have the strongest immune system which would be easily susceptible to this COVID-19' and someone else posted this: 'She had to make sure her friends were coming with her, before she tweeted that 😂'

Someone else said: 'She just gon get beat up then press charges claims she too grown. Wasn’t grown when u were in internet big talking bout that girl brother. 💅🏽'

Alexis made headlines not too long ago when she addressed a sensitive issue - she briefly mentioned that she had been a victim of the illegal trade.

During this upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Alexis is fully opening up about her nightmarish experience that went on for months.

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