Alexis Skyy Is Proud To Be The Mother Of Alaiya Grace And Publicly Proclaims Her Endless Love For Her

Alexis Skyy Is Proud To Be The Mother Of Alaiya Grace And Publicly Proclaims Her Endless Love For Her
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Alexis Skyy wanted to set some things straight on her social media account, and the main subject is her amazing baby girl. You may recall that two years ago, when Alexis went into pre-term labor, she was not even sure that her baby was going to make it.

But, in January, her baby girl, Alaiya Grace, celebrated her 2nd birthday .

Just in case you don't know, Alaiya suffers from hydrocephalus, and the baby girl had to receive a shunt that's been put in her brain after she was born weighing just one pound.

The baby girl has also been receiving speech, physical, and stimulation therapy in order to help her develop and grow.

Alexis has been receiving a lot of hate on social media, and this is due to the racy pics that she keeps posting, mainly.

Haters accuse her of overexposing herself, and they keep telling Alexis to be a mom first.

She decided that it's time to respond and shared various posts in which she is addressing the hateful comments.

'These bi*ches can’t stand competition, that’s the problem!!!! A BAD BITCH & A GOOD MOTHER!!! 💞💖 period Lay outfit @childsplayclothing,' Alexis captioned one of the posts.

She continued with another post, which she captioned with the following words: 'I have been holding my baby TIGHT since the day she was born. And I will hold her tight for the rest of her life. I’m A Mom First, and no matter her disabilities, imma always be by her side.'

She shared a few words for her daughter: 'You are beautiful LayLay, and I love you forever! I’m a proud mother of my child that has a disability!!! Shout out to all the other women in the world that have children with disabilities.'

A follower said: 'Y’all folks are harsh!!!! LayLay, you are still beautiful despite your disability. And Alexis, keep her hands around her and keep telling her she is beautiful! It breaks my heart to see ppl making negative comments about a baby that can't defend herself - it’s not her fault God made her beautiful and disabled!'

Alexis' fans offer her complete support.

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