Alexis Skyy Freaks Out On Someone She Met In Church!

Alexis Skyy Freaks Out On Someone She Met In Church!

Ever since Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood gave Alexis Skyy a platform, the reality star is more recognizable to her fans out there in the real world. In fact, one even ran up to her in church the other day. However, it didn't end quite as positively as one might expect.

Evidently, Alexis doesn't appreciate the manner in which people approach her in church.The reality star and soon-to-be-mom took to social media to come out guns blazing against the man who took a picture with her.

One of Skyy's admirers took a photo with the reality TV celebrity and posted it on Instagram. In the picture, he captioned it with, "with the beautiful @alexisskyy__last night, was amazing!"

Normally, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but the issue comes with his choice of hashtags including, "wifey," "Shawty," and "fresh start," leading some to believe they were more than just friends.

After Skyy saw the post, she urged him to edit the initial photo claiming he was "messy." He responded with a comment arguing that he was merely "promoting" her brand.

In the post, he wrote, that he fraternizes with other celebrities all the time so it's practically a joke that he would make such a big deal out of the situation.

He added that it was just a "cute joke" that everybody thought was funny. Oddly enough, his post continued, saying "her man" sat in his VIP section, although rarely are there VIP sections in Churches. As for how Skyy responded, she claimed he wasn't even attending the church service, in fact, he followed her in there! She wrote back, "My lawyers will be contacting you tonight, you f***ing creep!"

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