Alexis Skyy Claps Back At Hater Who Comes After Her: 'She Is A Really Bad Mom'

Alexis Skyy Claps Back At Hater Who Comes After Her: 'She Is A Really Bad Mom'
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Alexis Skyy just brought her daughter home after she had the scariest brain surgery. A few days ago she worried all social media when she posted a message, asking for prayers for little Alaiya who was having surgery.

The baby girl was just released from the hospital , and Alexis made sure to tell her fans that everything is okay with her daughter now.

'We going home. God is so good. Thank God Lay Lay is back active and feeling better. Won’t he do it. So thankful for my family and my nanny. I have the best support system,' Alexis posted on her social media account.

Alexis started sharing various pics online, advertising a clothing line and some haters slammed her for this, saying that she should be taking care of her baby girl these days.

Alexis made sure to answer one particular hater who called her a bad mom. Her fans showed a lot of support in the comments section.

Someone wrote that 'She gets paid to do these events. I’m pretty sure she would rather be with her daughter but has to support her. Why doesn’t anyone harass the father about financially keeping them straight, so she doesn’t have to work. 🤷🏻‍♀️'

Another follower gushed over Alexis' response and said: 'Yass👏🏽 that clap back was everything. People need to mind their damn business. They act like they don't know she's in the entertainment business going to clubs making appearances is how she makes her money.'

Someone else wrote 'If she says she has a good support team then how is she a bad mom? Jealousy comes in many forms, and that's what family and true friends are for.'

One commenter seemed to be on the same page and said 'What some of y’all fail to realize is regardless of how sis makes her money she has to eat and so does her child. So however she gets her bread is her business. Respect the hustle and keep it moving. Y’all mad whack always judging the next person but can’t seem to find the time to fix your own miserable life. @alexisskyy_ carry on sis! Stay in your bag. 🙌🏾'

Anyway, we wish Alexis' daughter all the best and a speedy recovery after her surgery.

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