Alexis Ohanian Passionately Cheers On Wife Serena Williams At Wimbledon

Alexis Ohanian Passionately Cheers On Wife Serena Williams At Wimbledon
Credit: Business Insider

Before becoming engaged to the greatest athlete currently playing a sport, Alexis Ohanian was quietly successful as the co-founder of popular online space Reddit. Since the pairs whirlwind romance, them welcoming a baby girl and having a fairytale wedding, he's obviously become more accustomed to red carpets and the limelight.

With Wimbledon kicking off this week, Williams is making her debut back onto the court and the game she loved after taking a break due to maternity leave and being sidelined by an injury.

On Friday, Williams played against France's Kristina Mladenovic at the main event and while all eyes were on the court, there were some snapshots taken of him celebrating her most impressive and crucial points.

The tech entrepreneur displayed quite the range of celebratory poses and facial expressions as his wife defeated her opponent in the second set, 7-5, 7-6.

Once press got ahold of the pictures, it seemed that Ohanian was informed of the splash they were making on the internet, which caused the above tweet.

One of Williams biggest fans, he is very vocal about his support of his wife in everything she does.

He's even expressly thanked fans for their support of Williams.

The road to Wimbledon wasn't an easy one. Along with healing from an injury, Williams was training a lot and she had just stopped breastfeeding their daughter Olympia.

In a very candid moment a day ago, Williams shared that Olympia took her first steps while she was training for the prestigious tennis tournament.

Williams admitted that she cried when she found out.

But being a working mom does come with certain sacrifices and sometimes those sting.

However, the athlete, competitor, and mother that Williams is can all exist at the same time. She doesn't have to necessarily pick one or the other.

Which is why she's currently competing at Wimbledon.


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