Alexis Ohanian Explains How Anger And Love Pushed Him To Make This Unprecedented Move In Video With Wife Serena Williams

Alexis Ohanian Explains How Anger And Love Pushed Him To Make This Unprecedented Move In Video With Wife Serena Williams
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Alexis Ohanian, who is the co-founder of Reddit , has made a bold and daring move that has many people calling him a king.

The businessman and husband of tennis icon Serena Williams recently announced that he would be stepping down as a member of the company's board, and has asked that his seat be filled with a black candidate.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur did an interview with his wife, where he confirmed that he took the huge decision on his own and that it was inspired by his two-year-old daughter named Olympia.

Serena opened the interview by saying: "A lot of people might think I told you to do something, or I forced you — He doesn't listen to me, ever."

The mogul said: "I thought about what I could do beyond a social media post, beyond a donation. We need diversity at the highest levels of business now more than ever. Once I realized why I needed to do it, it became very easy."

He went on to say: "I thought about what those dollars could do for a community that has clearly suffered for far too long, and that I with my power and my influence and my privilege want to do something meaningful to start to show a change. To make a better world for Olympia."

He concluded by: "One of the things that really broke me at some point in the last week, I was looking at Olympia, she's 2½ now, and she is such a pure, just blank canvas. She only knows love. There is not an ounce of hate in her body…at some point, Olympia is going to have to have a talk with you, a talk with us, but especially a talk with you, about how she's going to have to work that much harder, how she's going to have to deal with this much more, that pisses me off."

One fan said: "Serena married a KING 👏🏾👏🏾anybody with a black partner should do the same: support the movement, fight for justice with us. That's not how it works. He can't approve a board seat on his own. 🙄 He can only suggest a candidate to the board. Since its a full board, he created a vacant seat by resigning. Reddit is known for being extremely white with discriminatory forums. I've never seen a founder do this. He did the right thing, and it's extraordinary."

Another commenter shared: "Now THAT'S how you use your privilege, put your money where your mouth is, and dude donated $1 million to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! ✊🏾"

This person stated: "She may have put 2 cents in, but if he wasn't raised right, how he gets to that point of being an educated man with a black daughter and wife? It starts at home. The fact that he gave up his position and urged them to put a black person in that seat actually says a lot because he's not just donating he's giving up his position of power and trying to give it to someone of color."

The father of one is winning a lot of new supporters with this move.


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