Alexandra Vino Addresses Claims She And Harvey Weinstein Are Dating

Alexandra Vino Addresses Claims She And Harvey Weinstein Are Dating
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According to a report from, Alexandra Vino came out to deny that she and Harvey Weinstein were an item, accusing the media of perpetuating lies. However, The Post claims Harvey and Vino have actually been quite close to one another before.

According to the outlet, Alexandro Vino and the disgraced Hollywood executive had been hanging around together last month at the Downtime bar in Alphabet City. The event was called Actor's Hour, and it didn't go well for Harvey, who was called out by stand-up comedians.

With that said, some people on social media were shocked to hear that many people at the venue were not supportive of the women calling out the producer. Reportedly, the videos uploaded to video features the voices of several people booing Kelly Bachman, the comedienne on stage taking shots at Harvey.

The Post claims it was actually Alexandra Vino who came to the producer's defense at the bar that evening. Zoe Stuckless, a woman who identifies as non-binary, protested the producer's presence at the bar, and called him a "f*cking rapist."

In the Facebook clip released online, Zuckless could be heard screaming, "nobody's gonna say anything?" Vino, 30, can be seen grabbing Zoe and ushering her away alongside a few other people.

Addressing the story from the New York Post, Vino came out to say she felt saddened by the lies shared by the newspaper. In an Instagram Story, Vino asked how people and publications could intentionally spread lies and disinformation about people.

Vino claims she felt "taken advantage of by the press," and she went on to urge people to avoid "listen(ing) to their lies." Harvey Weinstein was actually spotted out in Manhattan again earlier this week, except this time, hanging out at Socialista, a Cuban-themed nightspot that served as the backdrop of some of Harvey's alleged indiscretions.

When the stories first came out back in 2017, the co-owner of the establishment came out and claimed he was never informed of any kind of behavior occurring at Socialista.


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