Alex Rodriguez Spills The Number One Secret To Having A Great Relationship With Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez Spills The Number One Secret To Having A Great Relationship With Jennifer Lopez
Source: Daily Mail

Fans know that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been dating for nearly eight months. The pair looks blissfully happy wherever they go. Their very first date was to the glamorous red carpet Met Gala in New York City and the romantic sparks just started to fly! We’ve all seen them hold hands, go out to dinner and simply fall in love with each other. Alex Rodriguez says that he was fortunate to discover the secret to how their relationship works!

Alex Rodriguez explains that he has learned exactly why their relationship works so well. It's because they've become best friends. Rodriguez and Lopez are joyful simply being with each other, no matter what they do. The couple is also quite happy to have discovered that their children are enjoying playing together too and being good friends. So not only is the pair quite happy, but everyone around them is too.

Anyone seeing this couple, whether they walk a red carpet or appear at some other fun event can easily see just how happy they are together. Their big grins and the admiring glances they give each other.

It is also wonderful to see how they complement their partner when they are interviewed by television hosts, to see all of the good qualities they are pleased to have found in their mate.

We think part of the secret to their romantic happiness is that they cheer on each other's successes. Alex Rodriguez was recently seen at Jennifer Lopez's World of Dance special event. While Jennifer did not attend the glamorous red carpet event for Alex's Shark Tank premiere, he says that he can truly count on Jennifer's wise advice. Alex greatly admires her business sense and savvy ambition.

The couple recently announced that they will go into business together, but for now exactly what they will do is being kept a secret. But they've both admitted that they are excited, thinking about all of the different projects that they can do together.

We can just imagine with their combined work ethic, dedication, creativity and innovation that anything they do will simply be amazing!

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