Alex Rodriguez Jokes That He And J-Lo Might Have Drive-Through Wedding

Alex Rodriguez Jokes That He And J-Lo Might Have Drive-Through Wedding
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Fans of Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo are aware of their postponed wedding. The couple announced earlier this year that they had to reschedule their special day on account of the coronavirus pandemic, as many other celebrities and regular people have had to do.

During a new appearence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday, the MLB legend said he and his fiancée had come up with a different plan, one more consistent with the social distancing guidelines. "We have to go with the flow now," Alex said to the host.

Rodriguez added that the situation has continuously evolved over the last few weeks, and for them, a big part of it is just making sure their kids are taken care of. Rodriguez recently celebrated the 12th birthday of his young daughter, Ella, and the event inspired a novel concept, perhaps an ingenious one.

Apparently, J-Lo and A-Rod had a drive-through parade for Ella similar to what was done for Gwyneth Paltrow's child. It suddenly dawned on him that the same thing could be done for his and Jennifer's wedding later this year. The baseball player joked that many people asked if he and J-Lo should also have a drive-through wedding.

He said it with a laugh, adding that it'll be much less expensive as well. Fans of the couple know they're not the types to spend less money. In the past, they've given each other very expensive gifts and hosted lavish parties.

For instance, a year ago in March, Rodriguez proposed to the singer-songwriter with a $1-million ring. At the time, they were also on vacation. Furthermore, Alexis Stone reported on the 22nd of April that he and J-Lo were about to make a very expensive acquisition.

Variety picked up on rumors that she and the baseball player were in talks for purchasing a major league baseball team. Fans of professional sports know this is no small purchase, with many clubs costing over a billion dollars.

The Shade Room noted that J-Lo already has experience in this field. In fact, she's a part of an ownership group for the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins. The same outlet has claimed they're also deliberating with JPMorgan Chase to try and raise money to buy the New York Mets.

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