Alex Rodriguez Claims He And Jennifer Lopez Are Still Together After Breakup Reports!

Alex Rodriguez Claims He And Jennifer Lopez Are Still Together After Breakup Reports!
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After many reports that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have decided to break their two years long engagement, the man claims he is definitely not single! Here's what he had to say!

Are A-Rod and J.Lo still together? Well, as far as the former New York Yankee is concerned, that is the case!

The sportsman was caught by the paparazzi, going into his Coral Gables gym earlier today and was asked by the reports about his and Jen's relationship status!

That is when Rodriguez responded with 'I'm not single.'

The video of him saying this has been obtained by TMZ and seems to deny all of the reports about the couple ending their relationship after four years of being together.

Furthermore, the photographers saw him leaving the gym as well, and at the time, he was on the phone, telling someone he dubbed as 'baby,' that he would call them back later.

Of course, the paparazzi immediately asked if the caller was Lopez and Alex confirmed by laughing and nodding his head.

This also comes a few hours after an insider shared via ET that the two 'remain a couple.'

'Like any relationship, they have ups and downs and they are working through things. There's no third party involved. She is currently working in the Dominican Republic and he's working in Miami,' the source told the news outlet.

Previously, multiple insiders told ET that J.Lo. and A-Rod had broken their engagement after four years of romance and two years into their engagement.

The news came after the couple had also postponed their wedding a couple of times because of the pandemic.

Lopez and Rodriguez are yet to publicly and officially address the speculations but the singer did admit last month, during an interview for Allure that she and her fiance would go to therapy during the quarantine.


'It has been actually really good. We got to work on ourselves. We did therapy. I think it was very helpful for us in our relationship,' Lopez said at the time.

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