Alexander Polinsky's Former Business Partner Calls His Allegations Against Scott Baio Lies — Calls On Dr. Oz And Megyn Kelly To Set Record Straight

Alexander Polinsky's Former Business Partner Calls His Allegations Against Scott Baio Lies — Calls On Dr. Oz And Megyn Kelly To Set Record Straight
Credit: Source: Alex Polinsky/Scott Baio/Instagram/Twitter

Alex Polinsky 's former business partner, Pam Majumdar, has called his allegations against Scott Baio lies and is calling on Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight. Pam is sounding off on Twitter and sharing her first-hand account of what she witnessed when Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky went public with allegations that Scott Baio sexually abused Nicole Eggert as a minor and verbally and physically assaulted Alex Polinsky on the set of Charles in Charge. Nicole and Alex held a press conference on February 14, 2018, where they went public with their accusations. One of Alex's most serious claims was that Scott Baio cut a "glory hole" in the fabric lining of Alex's changing room and exposed his genitals to him.

Scott Baio has denied the allegations against him, but for the past month, has unleashed numerous voice mails, witness statements, and evidence that he says not only clears his name but shows that it was Willie Aames who exposed himself to Alex Polinsky as a minor.

Scott Baio retweeted Pam Majumdar's tweet where she pointed out the daily harassment that Scott Baio receives based on the allegations that were never proven and called on Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly to let Scott Baio present his evidence on their platforms since they both gave a platform to Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky.

Brian Glicklich, Scott Baio's friend and digital strategist, has followed Nicole Eggert's and Alex Polinsky's claims for two years. He has written two, intensive articles that map out the allegations, and what he believes was the motivation behind them. He also shared a tweet with a video clip from Megyn Kelly's former show, where she offered to have Scott Baio on and tell his side of the story.

Since Scott Baio has come forward with his evidence, no media outlets have updated their stories, spoken to Scott, or invited him on their networks or programs to tell his side.

Scott Baio shared a video montage of Nicole Eggert's changing stories. Because Nicole has told different accounts of how and when Scott Baio allegedly abused her, many of Scott's supporters have accused her of lying and refer to her story as a fake me too. The hashtag #FakeMeToo has been used across social media platforms to refer to Nicole Eggert's and Alex Polinsky's claims.

Since Scott Baio, Pam Majumdar, and Brian Glicklich spoke out publicly, Alex Polinsky has remained silent and Nicole Eggert issued one statement where she denied her accusations were politically motivated.

Scott Baio responded to an article by Queerty where they referred to him as a "washed-up actor" and wanted the outlet to update their article to include the information that it has been alleged Willie Aames exposed himself to Alex Polinsky — Scott hasn't received a response.

With 100 days before the presidential election, many feel that the reason Scott Baio is being silenced in the media is due to politics.

You may see the first article that Brian Glicklich wrote called: Ratings and Revenge: Nicole Eggert, Alexander Polinsky, and the Dark Side of MeToo below.

Here is the second article that Brian Glicklich published.

What do you think about Pam Majumdar's tweet? Do you think Megyn Kelly and Dr. Oz should let Scott Baio clear his name and present his evidence? Should he be allowed to defend himself on the same platforms that were used to make allegations against him?

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  • SarA
    SarA Jul 28, 2020 7:30 AM PDT

    I agree, Scott Baio should be allowed to tell his side of story. This country is headed down a slippery slope.

  • Donna
    Donna Jul 28, 2020 4:42 AM PDT

    Nicole and Alex are shady AF! Two messed up individuals. Willie, come clean about your silly penis joke. We get it. It was a joke and you likely meant no harm at the time. Be a man and own it!

  • Venus Russell
    Venus Russell Jul 27, 2020 9:34 AM PDT

    Scott Baio most DEFINITELY should be invited to tell his side and show his evidence on Dr. OZ and Megan Kelly's show!! I don't understand WHY they haven't!

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