Alex Polinsky Reunites With Meow The Mystery Cat, Supports Animal Rescue [Videos]

Alex Polinsky Reunites With Meow The Mystery Cat, Supports Animal Rescue [Videos]
Credit: Source: Alex Polinsky/Twitter

Those following Alex Polinsky ( Charles in Charge , Teen Titans Go! ) will recall the unusual event when he woke up one January morning to find a cat had broken into his home and was sleeping in his dog's bed. Polinsky, an animal lover, rescued his 16-year-old terrier Tonic from the City of Burbank Animal Shelter and has a heart of compassion towards animals. He tracked down the cat's owner and discovered he was the beloved pet of Oscar-winning director David Weisman ( Kiss of the Spider Woman ). The cat's name was Meow and Polinsky received a reward for the good deed. Alex then asked his follower to suggest ways to "pay it forward" and it was decided the money would be used to give back to the Burbank shelter.

Alex Polinsky and Tonic purchased a number of blankets and comfy rugs and returned to the animal shelter where they filmed a video showing the animals' excitement about getting their new bedding. The plea was also made for people to visit animal shelters and adopt or support rescue organizations such as the Humane Society, ASPCA, and Best Friends.

The video and story drew plenty of attention and also helped create awareness for the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and Best Friends. Not only were those in California touched, but the video created awareness nationwide.

On January 27, 2018, Alex Polinsky visited Meow in David Weisman's home and shared photos from the sweet reunion.

When Polinsky woke up and saw the cat in his home, he immediately began live streaming the encounter on Periscope. He frequently live streams events from his life and shares them with followers. It didn't take long for people to respond to the sudden appearance of the beautiful cat.

Many people had hoped that Alex would adopt the mystery cat, but due to being a purebred and in a healthy state, it didn't seem that Meow was a stray. After spending a quiet morning with Alex and Tonic, Polinsky set out to find Meow's owner. You may watch the video of Alex's first encounter with Meow the mystery cat in the player below.

When Alex Polinsky later announced the cat's owner had been found, some were a bit dismayed that Meow wouldn't be staying. Others expressed surprise when they learned what they thought had been a stray cat was actually a cherished member of director David Weisman's family.

Alex Polinsky is also known as the "Joy Jedi" for spreading cheer and happiness to those he comes in contact with. His unicorn onesie is part of his Joy Jedi persona and part of the unicorn gangsta culture and phenomenon he has created with his role-playing game Avatarism along with other characters.

He has designed numerous clothing garments, accessories, and tee-shirts featuring unicorns and psychedelic imagery and often wears pieces from his collection in his videos and photos shared on social media. Many of Alexander Polinsky's friends, fans, and followers can be seen on social media wearing garments he designed.

Polinsky shared photos from his shopping trip that included Tonic riding around in a cart while Alex held up rugs, mats, and towels in an array of colors. The cart was loaded up and people were excited to know the animals were going to benefit from something as simple as a lost cat seeking shelter in Alex's home.

It wasn't just photos from the shopping trip that Alex Polinsky shared on his Twitter account. After he and Tonic finished buying the items, he went home and created a PSA video that drew attention to the many animals nationwide that are in need of forever homes.

In the video you can see Alex Polinsky wearing the unicorn onesie he designed while showing the different items he purchased for the rescue animals. Alex Polinsky isn't just an actor and voice-over artist, but he is also a singer. The backing music for the video is actually one of Alexander's songs that you can find on his SoundCloud page.

Not only did the video have a message about helping animals, but the tweet shared inspirational words that encouraged people never to miss an opportunity to do good.

You may watch the video as it was shared on Alex's official account in the player below.

After all the items were purchased and Alex had shared photos and video from the trip, it was time to bring the gifts to the shelter. Not only was the Joy Jedi wearing the unicorn onesie as he and Tonic returned to the Burbank Animal Shelter, but he also wore the hoodie gifted to him by Nickelodeon.

Alex Polinsky is the voice of Control Freak in Nickelodeon's popular animated series Teen Titans Go! and will voice the role in the Teen Titans Go! movie. The video had a fun vibe and you can watch the animals respond to receiving the new bedding items.

You can watch the video of Alex Polinsky and Tonic sharing love and light at the animal shelter below, and you might even hear Alex do a few voices while given a tour throughout the facility.

Though the video was playful and the animals were excited to get the special attention, Alex reminded viewers that the purpose of the event and giving back to the shelter was to promote animals in need of forever homes and the important work rescue organizations provide.

Alex Polinsky's encounter with a mysterious cat named Meow turned out to be something much larger than anyone initially anticipated. What at first looked like a stray cat looking for a place to sleep, ended up being an opportunity to give back to animals in need and create awareness for the important work animal rescue organizations provide in communities.

Seeing Alex visit Meow after the initial rendezvous brought a sense of closure to those who had followed the story when it first happened and watched the live Periscope stream.

Not only did people offer suggestions for the reward money, but Alex highlighted other charitable cases and featured different people who were in need, creating even greater awareness and opportunities for others to do good.

As for Meow, the cat, Alex says that he is living a life of luxury and spends his time playing in a backyard that boasts a tropical landscape and koi pond.

Hopefully, Meow won't leave home again, but if he does, we have a feeling he'll find Alex and Tonic and be in good hands.


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