Alex Polinsky Live Streams With NASA Social For ICE-SAT 2 Launch

Alex Polinsky Live Streams With NASA Social For ICE-SAT 2 Launch
Source: Alexander Polinsky Twitter

It's been a busy month for Teen Titans Go! actor Alex Polinsky. After attending California's desert festival Burning Man and hosting the first Avatarism session at a comic-con, he has been selected as part of NASA's social media team where influencers bring their followers to engage in live educational events.

Polinsky shared multiple live streams from Vandenberg Air Force Base that focused on the ICE-SAT 2 launch that is scheduled for Saturday, September 15, 2018, at 8:46 a.m. ET. The ICE-SAT 2 is a satellite that will observe various land formations on earth including ice thickness, vegetation, and land topography.

The information collected by ICE-SAT 2 will help scientists determine the effects climate change is having on Earth's surface.

You may see one of Alex Polinsky's live streams in the video player below. The actor found out about the event via Twitter, where he is prolific, and contacted NASA with his entry.

He joined many other social media influencers in live broadcasts as they toured the base and live streamed from the Delta II launch pad.

The NASA Social event kicked off on September 13, 2018,  and social media quickly became flooded with photos and videos showing the participants arriving at the Vandenberg Air Force Base where they learned about the upcoming ICE-SAT 2 mission.

The prelaunch event included different speakers who introduced the purpose of the mission and discussed the importance of measuring ice as we prepare to battle the impact of climate change and global warming on the planet.

NASA scientists answered questions, shared data, and explained why it is important that NASA has ice satellites to monitor the amount of ice present on the planet.

The people who participated in NASA Social came from many backgrounds and walks of life. Though Alex Polinsky is an actor, there were other professions represented including artists, scientist, and business owners.

The social media content creators took the information learned and then presented it to their followers.

Are you going to watch the launch of the ICE-SAT 2 satellite? The launch is set for Saturday, September 15, 2018, beginning at 5:46 PT, 8:46 ET.

In addition to the content creators who will live stream the launch, NASA will also broadcast the event live on their feed.

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