Alex Polinsky Is Creating Valor Veterans Care Packages For Military Serving Overseas And You Can Help

Alex Polinsky Is Creating Valor Veterans Care Packages For Military Serving Overseas And You Can Help
Credit: Source: Alex Polinsky/Twitter

Actor Alex Polinsky ( Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, Lost In Oz, Charles In Charge ) is creating Valor Veterans Care Packages to help those in the military who will be serving overseas this Christmas. This isn't the first time that Polinksy has rallied community support to bring a smile to faces, and we're sure it won't be the last.

Taking a spin-off of the Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE) food rations, Polinsky designed the Valor Care Packages to be Joy Ready to Experience packages.

Polinsky is the creator of the live-action, role-playing game Avatarism. The game focuses on character development and how to go through life embracing the character traits you admire as well as creating joy for yourself and others. Polinsky uses his gifts through a variety of avenues (television, movies, circus, arts, music, and more) and is known to many as the Joy Jedi.

The name Joy Ready to Experience is Polinsky's way of bringing joy to some of the families who have sacrificed everything to keep the U.S. safe worldwide, and won't make it home for the holidays.

You may find out more about the Valor Veterans Care Packages - Joy Ready to Experience gifting program for Christmas in the link below.

Alexander Polinsky described the mission as follows.

"Here’s the mission... to bring J.R.E. (Joy, ready to experience to military personnel serving abroad.
I hope we will be able to give: Games, clothes, snacks, music, tools, inspirational items,  and much needed expendable gear and tools."

As Valor, Polinsky has completed past drives with the support of his Teen Titans co-stars Tara Strong and Greg Cipes. Here are some photos from one of Polinsky's previous Valor missions.

Alex Polinsky is also challenging ideas in regards to the way people participate in holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. He is asking his friends, followers, and fans to focus less on consumerism and material goods this holiday season but to choose more meaningful gifts such as those that are handmade.

Polinsky stated the following in a thread where he encouraged artisans to share links to their crafts.

Buy Christmas presents from actual people!!!! If you are an artist or craftsperson please comment below with your art or website so people can find your stuff for the holidays.....

Many are sharing resources and are expected to participate as the holiday season progresses.

What do you think of Alex Polinsky's ideas on the holidays? Do you support our nation's' veterans and military service men and women during Christmas? Are you going to join in and help with the Joy Ready to Experience Christmas Valor mission?


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