Alessandra Ambrosio Gets Spiritual With Crystals And Yoga In New Video

Alessandra Ambrosio Gets Spiritual With Crystals And Yoga In New Video
Credit: Source: Alessandra Ambrosio/Instagram

Alessandra Ambrosio is giving people a look at her yoga spiritual practice while showing off her new line of Gal Floripa workout wear. The former Victoria's Secret angel and several of her friends, including fellow model Gisele Coria, are seen as they surround large, rose quartz healing wands crystals, various stones of amethyst and other crystals, a singing bowl, goddess statue and more. Joining Gisele and Alessandra was yoga teacher Louise Luz. Alessandra Ambrosio shared a video from the yoga gathering and included a caption that referred to magic happening when they practice together.

The video featured beautiful and spiritually calming music while the women moved through a series of yoga poses while wearing the new Gaya Top from the Gal Floripa Natural Mystic Collection.

Alessandra included the following caption with a beautiful video shot by photographer and filmmaker Matias H. Ternes.

"Magic happens when we practice together 💫 #mondaymotivation #yogaGALS #naturalmystic @galfloripa @mhternes"

You may see the stunning and enlightening video featuring Alessandra, Gisele and Louise Luz in the video player below.

The 38-year-old mother of two has kept her flawless figure and continues to stun with her beauty, but is also known for her spirituality and peaceful lifestyle that she lives. Photos from the shoot flooded the Gal Floripa page and highlighted the spiritual connection Alessandra has with others, such as her close friend Gisele.

Gisele Coria also shared multiple photos from the yoga session together as did Louise Luz. The women appeared to be practicing in a dome-shaped structure with geometric-shaped windows circling the top of the construction. The shape of the building added to the ethereal atmosphere presented in the video and the wood tones enhanced the feeling that the women were communing with nature while they embarked upon their spiritual, yoga journey.

Alessandra's yoga video was shared across multiple social media platforms after Alessandra posted it to her Instagram account where she has 10.2 million followers. Alessandra Ambrosio's yoga video has over 108,000 views and the photos that she shared have more than 174,000 likes.

What do you think of Alessandra Ambrosio's new yoga video and photos? Do you like the new Gal Floripa workout clothes?


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