Alec Baldwin's Lawyer Claims Man In Parking Lot Lawsuit Is Merely Looking For A "Lottery Ticket"

Alec Baldwin's Lawyer Claims Man In Parking Lot Lawsuit Is Merely Looking For A "Lottery Ticket"
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According to a report from PageSix, the man who Alec Baldwin got into a brief altercation with at a New York City parking lot is now suing him for slander, a claim that Alec's lawyer describes as mere opportunism. Baldwin's attorney-at-law said in the court papers that the man in question is simply looking for a "multi-million dollar lottery ticket."

Luke Nikas, Alec's lawyer, accused Wojciech Cieszkowski of being an opportunist, looking to cash in on the celebrity's success and fortune. Nikas filed a motion in court to have the judge dismiss the allegation due to the man's intentions coupled with the details of the case, which aren't in the complainant's favor.

Last month, Cieszkowski sued Baldwin, accusing the actor of punching him outside his East 10th street apartment due to a parking spot on the 2nd of November, 2018. Cieszkowski accused Alec of slandering him on The Ellen Show when Alec accused him of nearly running over the SNL's star's wife.

Filed on Tuesday night in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Luke and his client, Baldwin, claimed the man is trying to turn a minor altercation into a million-dollar cash grab. Moreover, security footage that captured the incident disputes the man's claim.

Furthermore, Alec and his lawyers claim Alec's appearence on Ellen was harmless, and Baldwin simply gave his opinion, rather than accusing him of a slanderous crime. Baldwin formerly pleaded guilty to harassment and was sentenced to an anger management class as well as needing to pay a $120 fine.

Cieszkowski's attorney's didn't respond for a request to comment. As fans of Alec know, he's no stranger to getting into disputes with authority figures as well as entitled and aggressive fans. He once took to Twitter to accuse New York City police officers of being overzealous to the point of ridiculousness.

Addressing the Cieszkowski's parking lot incident, Baldwin also insinuated that the media was turning a molehill into a mountain, by misreporting and misrepresenting facts.

Ironically, a man who Alec has a big problem with, Donald Trump, has accused modern journalists of the same thing. Donald has taken the opportunity on a number of occasions to question the legitimacy of mainstream reporting.

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