Alec Baldwin Says He And His Wife Hilaria Will Try For Another Baby After Suffering Miscarriage

Alec Baldwin Says He And His Wife Hilaria Will Try For Another Baby After Suffering Miscarriage
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This year has been a difficult one for Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria. The couple suffered two miscarriages - one in April and one earlier this month - but the actor says they are “gonna have another one.”

The couple stepped out for the first time since they revealed their most recent miscarriage - which happened four months into Hilaria’s pregnancy - at the American Museum of Natural HIstory gala, and Hilaria told Entertainment Tonight that she is doing the best she can, but she is still healing.

“I’m doing as best as you can,” said Hilaria. “I’m much better than I was last week and coming out and talking about it and sharing I think has been very healing for me.”

She added that Alec is a very good husband who has been by her side the whole time - when she went into surgery and when she woke up. And, Hilaria says that sharing what she has gone through this year has helped make it into “something real” that she can do something with.

Hilaria explained that when you go through something difficult, you don’t want it to be real. She admits that she kept on waking up and thinking it was a bad dream. But, she says the more you talk about it the more real it is, and that’s when you can work on it.

Alec and Hilaria already have four children together - Carmen Gabriela, 6, Rafeal Thomas, 4, Leonardo Angel Charles, 2, and Romeo Alejandro David, 17 months - but they are both ready for more.

The former 30 Rock star - who also shares daughter Ireland, 24, with his ex-wife Kim Basinger - says that he and Hilaria are the type of people who feel like they can’t stop having kids.

“Every time we have them, we’re like ‘This is great. Let’s have more!’” said Alec.”Yeah, we’re gonna have another one.”

Hilaria added that they are trying not to end on that note because it was sad, and she doesn’t want to end things that way.

Alec Baldwin is currently starring in Motherless Brooklyn, which was written and directed by Edward Norton. The film is playing in theaters nationwide.

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