Alec Baldwin Hits Trump During His Acceptance Speech - "Here Is Your Emmy"

Alec Baldwin Hits Trump During His Acceptance Speech - "Here Is Your Emmy"

This year, Alec Baldwin took home the statue for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series at the 2017 Emmy Awards. Alec beat other performers like Louie Anderson, Tituss Burgess, Ty Burrell, Tony Hale, and Matt Walsh.

During his acceptance speech, Alec - who is most known in recent years for his impersonation of president Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live - said, "I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy."

He went on to thank his wife as well as his three children. Alec has had three kids with his wife in the last three years but in 2017 thus far, the pair hasn't conceived for the fourth time.

He claimed once he put that "orange wig on, it's birth control, trust me."

In a somewhat pretentious fashion, Alec said that someone once told him that when a person is about to pass away, they don't remember political events like an inaugural address, a passed bill, or a decision made by the Supreme Court, but rather a "line from a movie," or a play.

He claimed that what Hollywood and other performers do is important and they should "not stop doing what (they're) doing. The audience is counting on you."

Although Baldwin is not a regular member of Saturday Night Live, he has appeared on the show a total of 15 times in the last year and a half, making him "a supporting actor" in the series. Despite his old claim that he would not return as Donald Trump in another episode of the acclaimed production, Baldwin recently announced he would reprise his role as the chief-in-command during the 43rd season.

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    Shanathia Holland Sep 17, 2017 8:19 PM PDT

    I'm glad he did that

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