Alec Baldwin Claims He Didn't Assault Any Man Before His Arrest By The Authorities

Alec Baldwin Claims He Didn't Assault Any Man Before His Arrest By The Authorities

On Friday, legendary Academy Award-winner, Alec Baldwin, was charged with harassment and assault after he supposedly hit another man in the face during a scuffle in New York City over a parking lot spot.

Following the news of his arrest, Baldwin's publicist refused to comment, but the actor later took to Twitter and tweeted from his account that the reports are all false.

Baldwin said he wanted to go on record and clear the air, because the reports, thus far, have been incorrect. Alec said it has "become a sport" for the media to report salacious and negative accusations against people for the sake of views and ratings.

According to reports, the 60-year-old entertainer told a family member that he was holding the spot in front of his house in Manhattan when a man who drove a station wagon abruptly pulled up and took the spot.

The man told the police that Alec hit him, but was unsure if it was either a "punch or a slap." The 49-year-old went on to say that he was suffering jaw pain, redness around his neck, and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

After about two hours, the police released Baldwin from the local police precinct in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Now, he has to appear before the court on the 26th of November.

This won't be the first time that Alec has gotten into trouble with the police. Baldwin doesn't like dealing with petty infractions handed out by the authorities.

The actor once took to social media to slam an officer, 'doxxing' his name and badge number, and accusing him of filing petty charges symptomatic of a revenue-hungry government.

As most fans of the actor know, he is most famous, for his starring role in 30 Rock, Match Game , and he also brought himself back into the limelight for his portrayal of the president, Donald Trump,  on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

As a result of his rise back into mainstream success, Alec got his own eponymous production on ABC. For one of his very first episodes, Alec had on Kim Kardashian.

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