Alec Baldwin Appears To Have Done His Final President Trump Impression For Saturday Night Live Season Finale

Alec Baldwin Appears To Have Done His Final President Trump Impression For Saturday Night Live Season Finale
Credit: Source: Twitter

Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump for the cold open of the Saturday Night Live season finale, and many believe the actor hinted that it would be the last time fans would see him do the impression.

In the sketch, Baldwin chugged Clorox bleach while giving a college commencement speech via Zoom. After the principal, played by Kate McKinnon, announced that the POTUS was their eighth choice for commencement speaker, Baldwin as Trump appeared on camera wearing a red MAGA hat to give his speech.

“Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. People are applauding, they’re applauding. Thank you, thank you very much,” said the President as one student clapped. “Congratulations to the class of COVID-19. Wow, what incredible energy and excitement I’m feeling right now.”

He went on to say that since his valet tested positive for coronavirus, he had to do his own makeup with the help of a Liza Minnelli Tik Tok tutorial. He also said that he was honored to be the “valedictator,” but the ceremony wasn’t about him, it was about the graduates. However, he continued to talk about himself and the poor treatment he has received from the media.

Soon, the students start calling for Trump to be replaced by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The POTUS didn’t like this, and declared himself to be “the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases.”

After coughing, Baldwin’s Trump started chugging the Clorox, which he called “invincibility juice.” He eventually told the graduates that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything, pointing out that he started as “the son of a simple, wealthy slumlord” who grew to become a billionaire.

During his motivational speech he also advised the grads to surround themselves with the worst people they can find so they will always shine. And, he advised to call anything they don’t understand “stupid.”

By the end of the speech, every student except for one had turned off the Zoom call. Baldwin as Trump joked that the crowd “thinned out faster than Adele.” However, it was his last line that has people believing this will be the last time Baldwin does his Trump impression on Saturday Night Live.

“Taped from my home one last time — it’s Saturday night,” said Alec Baldwin.

It’s possible that Baldwin was simply referring to the SNL season finale hopefully being the last episode they tape from home. But, many fans on Twitter are sure that it was a permanent goodbye.


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