Alanis Morissette Opens Up About Her Crippling Postpartum Depression Following Daughter's Birth

Alanis Morissette Opens Up About Her Crippling Postpartum Depression Following Daughter's Birth

Alanis Morissette has decided to open up about her crippling postpartum depression. As fans may already know, the star gave birth to baby daughter Onyx Solace in June.

The singer struggled with this type of depression back in 2010 when she welcomed 6-year-old son Ever Imre as well.

In a new interview, Morrissette revealed that her symptoms came back just moments after she gave birth to her daughter, only they were about four times worse than what she experienced in 2010.

‘There are days I am debilitated to the point where I can barely move. It is very isolating. I am used to being the Rock of Gibraltar, providing, protecting and maneuvering. It had me question everything. I have known myself to be a really incredible decision-maker and a leader that people can rely on. [Now] I can barely decide what to eat for dinner,’ the woman explained.

Apparently, her postpartum depression has caused her be in intense pain, be lethargic, have sleep problems and ever experience terrifying visions featuring her loved ones getting harmed.

She went on to confess that her illness had affected her marriage to her rapper hubby Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway.

But Morissette gushed about how he is doing his best to be there for her whenever she needs to just hold hands.

As for what has been helping, the woman revealed that she is taking medication, going to therapy and undergoing homeopathic treatments.

In addition, a great improvement has been brought about by her exercising and writing music.

Alanis revealed that in the last three months she just had to write a song every day or it felt like she would have 'imploded.'

The singer ended the interview on a positive note, stating that she is hopeful the old her will emerge once again soon if she keeps fighting to get better.

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