Alan Dershowitz Says That Ghislaine Maxwell Should Be Presumed 'Innocent'

Alan Dershowitz Says That Ghislaine Maxwell Should Be Presumed 'Innocent'
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During a conversation with the New York Post this Friday, Alan Dershowitz stated that Ghislaine Maxwell should be "presumed innocent" in the human trafficking case in which she was involved with Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself while awaiting his trial.

According to Page Six, Dershowitz believes Ghislaine's case won't stand due to the statute of limitations. The outlet says that Mr. Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard University law professor, helped Jeffrey Epstein cop a plea deal with federal prosecutors in a Florida case.

Alan is currently fighting against a lawsuit as well from Virginia Guiffre, who says that Epstein forced her into sexual slavery when she was a teenager. She also says that she was forced to have sexual relationships with Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.

Dershowitz and Prince Andrew have both come out to deny this. Just one day after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Dershowitz said to reporters from the New York Post that Ghislaine should stand a fair trial.

Gershowitz went on to say that it wasn't going to be easy to get the conviction. In case you missed it, on Thursday, Ghislaine Maxwell was booked on charges and then taken to a New Hampshire jail while awaiting a transfer to Manhattan to stand trial.

Ghislaine has been accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit underage girls into a sex ring. The 58-year-old waived her right to release on bail, however, her lawyer, Lawrence Vogelman, said she would have the right reinstated in New York.

Prosecutors overseeing the case wrote in their legal papers that Maxwell was a huge flight risk on account of her multiple passports as well as her $20 million spread across a number of bank accounts. As of now, Maxwell hasn't submitted a plea deal related to the six charges.

The case of Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell has been controversial ever since the charges were revealed. The case became even more contentious once it was revealed that Mr. Epstein had reportedly killed himself back in August 2019.

Since then, his death has become a meme on social media and internet forums. His connection to Prince Andrew has proven to be equally as contentious as well. 


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