Akon Appears To Take A Shot At 21 Savage; Are They Fighting Over Amber Rose?

Akon Appears To Take A Shot At 21 Savage; Are They Fighting Over Amber Rose?
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Akon caused a drama on Instagram when he commented on one of 21 Savage's posts the past weekend. The rapper shared a picture of him walking in the rain with an umbrella, and he captioned it with the snap, 'Trust Nobody.'

It is not very clear who is Savage referring to, but Akon reacted to the post by leaving there a shady comment that read 'trash.'


This comment really seems very weird for some fans, but according to MediaTakeOut, it stems from the fact that the hitmaker once hooked up with Amber Rose who is now the rapper's girlfriend.

The site claims to have 'been hearing for MONTHS that Amber Rose had a previous ROMANTIC relationship with rapper AKON and that it ended badly.'

A so-called insider close to Amber tells the site that 'Akon wanted to keep a 'friends with benefits' style relationship with her - but she said NO.'

'Well now Akon is taking out his frustrations - on Amber's new man, Rapper 21 Savage,' continues the news outlet, before citing the insider as saying that the 44-year-old R'n'B singer 'is blaming 21 [Savage] for not letting him smash.'

21 Savage has not responded to Akon's comment.

But some Instagram users were quick to defend Amber's current beau and slammed the Lonely hitmaker, with one user saying, 'you too old to be hating on Lil n***as nobody even listens to your music anymore.'



'Damn Akon remember when u were relevant? Me neither,' one wrote, while another said, 'You were old when I was young, lol, wtf you doing [Akon]... #growuppeterpan.'

There's also someone who told Akon to 'watch your mouth.'

'stfu talking bout 'trash' n***a you bout as relevant as @souljaboy,' read another comment.

'Wtf @akon talking about,' read one other. Some other comments included 'when's the last time u put out a track?' and 'do you even make music and s**t anymore lol, heard a few bangers from like 07' or something.'

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