Aja Metoyer Appears To Be Shading Dwyane Wade's Wife Gabrielle Union With Interesting Photo

Aja Metoyer Appears To Be Shading Dwyane Wade's Wife Gabrielle Union With Interesting Photo
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Did Gabrielle Union get massively shaded by Aja Metoyer who is Dwyane Wade's baby mama?

Over the weekend, the former Basketball Wives star, who shares a son with the NBA player named Xavier Wade, took to social media where she posted a picture of her C-section scar.

Aja used her post to praise mothers who went through a Caesarean birth and added "LOL" at the end of her note.

Aja is being destroyed on Instagram because many believe she is going after Gabrielle who recently welcomed baby Kaavia with Dwyane via surrogate after many miscarriages.

One person slammed Aja by saying: "So why did she remove the “LOL” from the end? The "lol" is what made it shade. Why put it? That was the purpose? Shade! She was throwing shade at Gabby. It wasn't innocent. You still big mad he didn't choose you, sis. Let's just be honest with ourselves."

Another follower told her why not mention the moms like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Gaby who had babies via surrogacy: "Umm... Interesting? So, please “Add” a Shout-out to mothers who did not physically birth their kids or just hit “Delete” be authentic! Being petty looks small on your part, whether it was intentional or not. The timing is absolutely questionable! I am just saying, “Beautiful Single Mother” level up! Whether a woman birth a child does not make her connected or disconnected. It is simply in the soul, spirit, and heart of the woman! Salute to all mothers! Surrogate, Adopted, etc. Why did she remove the original caption? If you're gonna stand in your truth stand ALL the way in it. You didn’t think the blogs was watching your ass because this doesn’t even match the previous explanation she gave when someone asked her about the LoL."

This commenter said: "Intentional shade or not, it’s her page and her journey (the caesarian) so she can post what she wants. I stated this earlier. And remember, ppl are feeling sorry for a person who admitted that they were a mean girl, who wished bad and was gleeful when other women of color had hardships. So....I’m not sure how people got all the negative foolishness out your post. I saw the post & not one time did I think of the other young lady. People just being messy."

A fourth individual added: "I don't agree with the womb post if!! It was sent out of Anger!!, but kiddos for not signing over full custody... Raise your child, but please heal.. yeah it's hard, but many mothers experience different hurt, regroup and start fresh. Forgiveness is Priceless."

Aja has returned to social media to fight with her haters.

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