AJ McLean Inspired By Mac Miller's Death And His Own Struggle With Sobriety To Help Other Addicts In Danger

AJ McLean Inspired By Mac Miller's Death And His Own Struggle With Sobriety To Help Other Addicts In Danger
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The singer got candid about his own struggle to stay sober following Mac Miller’s shocking death of a reported drug overdose. Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean revealed that his daughters are the ones to motivate him.

But not only is AJ staying clean for him and for his loved ones but he is also helping others do the same through a new product meant to assist addicts in their fight.

AJ was in attendance at the Ante Up for a Cancer Free Generation celebrity poker tournament this past weekend and talked to ET while there.

Speaking of Mac Miller, he told the outlet that ‘I met him a couple of times at radio shows and he was a stand-up guy. You would never know that he had a problem -- but a lot of people had no idea that I had a problem. Addicts can hide it pretty well, so all my condolences go to his family and friends. He’s another one gone too soon.’

As such tragedies happen way more often than they should, McLean is now supporting a line of products that are meant to help people who deal with addiction.

‘With what recently happened with Mac Miller, people need to really understand how serious addiction is. It’s a huge killer, and you’ve just got to surround yourself with the right people, go to your meetings and get a sponsor. It’s a marathon, not a race,’ the Backstreet Boy explained.

He went on to share that ‘I’m getting involved with a pharmaceutical company that is going to be putting out some amazing products. One is an at-home opioid detox kit, non-narcotic because one of the biggest [causes of] deaths in the entire world right now is based on opioids.’ […] what we’re going to be able to offer is basically an at-home detox kit because people who take opioids, unfortunately, get hooked on other drugs to get off of the opioids.’

‘This will hopefully help addicts get the help they need for a much more affordable price and without having to suffer going to rehab, which is expensive sometimes. We want to avoid them not getting help at all and ending up dead, in jails or in institutions.’ Props for the great initiative!

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