Ahmed Best Said He Was "Suicidal" After Star Wars Fans Hated His Character Jar Jar Binks

Ahmed Best Said He Was "Suicidal" After Star Wars Fans Hated His Character Jar Jar Binks
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Ahmed Best, the actor who portrayed the Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks, insinuated on Twitter that the public's response to him in 1999 was so fierce that he considered committing suicide. On Tuesday, Ahmed posted a picture of himself and his son with the caption, "this was the place I almost ended my life."

However, he managed to persist throughout it all, but "it's still hard to talk about," remarked Ahmed. The actor, who now has a child, said that his son was his "gift" for persisting despite the immense struggle.

Even though Best didn't reveal precisely what caused him to nearly commit suicide, people online assumed he meant his role in the Star Wars film, that came out around 20 years ago, the date he mentioned in the tweet.

Ahmed admitted previously that people sometimes sent him death threats for the widely loathed role, which has gone down in history as one of the most hated characters in the history of film.

In case you haven't seen it, Jar Jar Binks was one of the primary protagonists in the Star Wars movie created by George Lucas, Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace .

The character was the first computer-generated figures in the franchise. The role of Jar Jar was supposed to be for comic relief, but it ended up being one of the reasons they hated the movie.

Following its release, critics and audiences received the character with hatred and derision. Ahmed said that the movie actually played a significant role in his career never taking off in the way that it should have.

Since then, Ahmed has appeared in many TV series and movies, but only in small roles, and not in widely successful blockbusters. He hasn't been in a movie since 2013 or in a television series since 2012. However, he has managed to find work in other  Star Wars  related productions, including in video games.

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