Afton Williamson Debuts Stunning Hair Color And Style In New Photos After Quitting 'The Rookie' Due To Sexual Misconduct

Afton Williamson Debuts Stunning Hair Color And Style In New Photos After Quitting 'The Rookie' Due To Sexual Misconduct
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Afton Williamson has decided to debut a new stunning and drastic hairstyle and color after announcing her exit from The Rookie .

Known for her beautiful black pixie cut, Afton is now sporting a brown/honey hair color, and she looks gorgeous.

One fan had this to say: "Started following you because I thought you were the most beautiful person I've ever seen on a TV show. And it turns out, you are! Both outside and inside. Be strong! Even by strangers, you are loved."

This person shared: "You are the only reason I watch The Rookie after falling in love with you and your acting in "The Otherhood," and despite there being other amazing actors in the Rookie , I cannot support a team who allowed your cries to go unheard."

The same supporter added: "After management refused to help, the other actors set help, producers, etc. should have stepped in and walked out. Whatever was necessary to help an essential member of their team. Your bravery is an inspiration. May you continue to heal and may your journey be filled with the love and support you deserve."

ABC reportedly conducted an investigation into allegations made by the actress regarding sexual harassment she has allegedly endured, along with racial discrimination and other incidents.

This all came to light after the star decided to make her accusations public, along with the announcement that she was resigning from her role on the show.

She made a lengthy post on Instagram telling her fans that she would not be coming back for the show's second season and took the opportunity to thank all of her followers.

She claimed that she had faced some significant discrimination during the initial filming periods of the show, and could not take it anymore at this point.

ABC's president revealed that she had been made aware of the allegations about one month ago, and an investigation was underway already.

However, she did not go into detail about the course of the investigation and whether it had confirmed the allegations brought forward by Williamson.

She added that the results of the investigation will be used to determine any future developments within the organization, and whether or not anyone will face punishment for their actions.

Williamson now seems to be looking towards the future.

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