Despite The Car Crash Which Nearly Killed Her Uma Thurman Would Work With Tarantino Again

Despite The Car Crash Which Nearly Killed Her Uma Thurman Would Work With Tarantino Again
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During a new interview, Uma Thurman revealed she is willing to work with the legendary director, Quentin Tarantino again, despite the fact that he once pressured her into driving a car that ended up getting into a bad accident. When speaking with reporters from Entertainment Tonight, the actress said that if he wrote a good role for her, she would consider it.

As it was previously reported, Uma accused Quentin of putting her into a potentially fatal position when she told him she didn't want to drive a car on a beaten path, and the director told her to do it anyway.

The actress stated that she wanted to have a stunt person do it, but Quentin insisted she drive the vehicle. Thurman explained, "Quentin came in my trailer and didn't like to hear no, like any director." He supposedly was "furious."

Despite her pleas to not drive the car, Quentin assured her both the vintage automobile and road were safe, and he even went so far as to say that he drove down the path himself.

However, the actress trusted him and ended up getting into an accident after coming to a difficult turn at the end of the road.

In a previous interview, Tarantino took full responsibility for making Uma do it and regretted it deeply. The Pulp Fiction creator said it was one of his biggest career regrets thus far.

Additionally, Uma explained while she was very upset with Quentin, she has moved on and wouldn't look down on him forever. A person has to forgive and forget, especially considering their long and illustrious career working together.

As you may know, Quentin has referred to Uma as his muse in the past. The director has had her in three films, the two installments of Kill Bill as well as his breakthrough movie, Pulp Fiction, with all three being incredibly successful and even legendary.

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