After The T.I. Drama, Tiny Is Now Feuding With BFF Shekinah Jo Anderson -- Rant Video Goes Viral

After The T.I. Drama, Tiny Is Now Feuding With BFF Shekinah Jo Anderson -- Rant Video Goes Viral
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Tameka "Tiny" Harris and her BFF, Shekinah Jo Anderson, are apparently having some issues, and it has spilled over to social media.

Shekinah and Tiny have had a very close bond for many years.

The ladies have traveled all over the world together and made appearances on a few reality series including Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip .

The pair even hosted a show together.

The tight bond between the petite businesswomen had seemed unbreakable - that was until this weekend.

Shekinah posted a video where she went on an epic rant about the fact that one of her closest friends hurt her.

She declined to name the person but revealed that the friendship is over and "the friend is dead to me."

Everyone in the comment section wanted to know, what did Tiny do to her?

One person said: "Are you talking about Tiny, what happened?? Did she and tiny really fall out? Is that what she's referring to??"

Another pointed to the fact that she is still talking about the person who is supposedly dead to her.

The individual shared: "If those people are "dead" to u then why would u keep reiterating that they are dead to u and that u felt the need to explain it to them? You are dumb and ghetto as hell. U are just jealous of the people that are dead to you. Ever think that they cut YOU off? Apparently, your friendships are not unconditional, and that is what friendships are about."

A third commenter stated: "Only relationship that unconditionally is with God. So as long as you know you been true nothing else matters stay real and let it be you expressed your feelings witch yours in titled to. You my girl I rock with you like I really know you. So stay getting yo money and forget what the hater's say as Bosses do. Be.blessed prosper and stay prayed up.. Ya gurl Lady T."

It has been noted that the former friends no longer follow each other on social media.

A source close to the former friends said: "They have had fall-outs before, but this time it is much worse. They are not even speaking at this point. Shekinah is one of those friends that when she is not friends with you anymore, she does not want any of her other friends to speak to them. She wants EVERYONE to cut them off."

The person went on to say that they had an upcoming show on VH1 together and it is not known if they will film it because they are not talking to each other.

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