After Posting This Flirty Video, Tamar Braxton Got Blasted For Going Too Far With Plastic Surgeries

After Posting This Flirty Video, Tamar Braxton Got Blasted For Going Too Far With Plastic Surgeries
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Wigging it out! Tamar Braxton is doing her best to flaunt her looks, hair, and new boo on social media, but critics are making it hard for her because they are focused on her plastic surgeries.

The diva, who shaved her head in 2018, is back to her long blonde wigs and she recently posted a cute and flirty video where she is showing off her new hairstyle and she did not get the reception she was hoping for.

David Adefeso's girlfriend was bombarded with comments about her ever-changing looks.

One person said this after seeing the video: "Those lips are too much. You look so weird, girl it's not cute what you to yourself, who are you? Tamar, you are doing the most. Slow down. You have a son. You have what you need to get attention, music. Let that be the reason. You have a man right."

This fan passionately defended Tamar: "Do y’all not know what makeup is or a Snapchat filter y’all always thinking somebody done got surgery like y’all was there in the operation room Tamar can’t have any type of cosmetic surgery even if she wanted too due to having so many blood clots she has only had her nose done and that was years ago because she had a deviated septum.🙄🙄🙄😒🤦🏽‍♀️"

This backer of the talented singer shared: "It’s called a Snapchat filter and who tf are you to be saying anything? Nobody. There is a certain sexy that has been DYING to creep out of you since you were with Vince and now that that's over I see it more and more. Here for it sis."

A female Instagrammer explained that her husband is obsessed with Tamar's wigs: "If my husband acts like he is married to you one mo time lol.... He talking bout “I hate when she wears those wigs. I just wish she’d wear that natural cut.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ Then we were watching BFV and he made a similar comment... @tamarbraxton You bout to make me go shave my damn head 😂😂😂😂."

This kind note read: "You Look So Satisfied. I'm searching for that feeling myself, and I have a feeling it's coming soon. Keep [email protected] you’re absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and I wish you the best. 💋❤️😍😘💕"

Tamar seems happy.

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