After Lil Wayne Failed His Daughter, Reginae Carter; She Explains Why She Does Not Need Him To Validate Her

After Lil Wayne Failed His Daughter, Reginae Carter; She Explains Why She Does Not Need Him To Validate Her
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Many did not find that 50 Cent and Lil Wayne were funny when they giggled while insulting black women by calling them angry during a chitchat on Young Money Radio .

The rappers took it further by saying that they prefer exotic women.

50 Cent stated: "They get mad. They get angry. You see, a lot of sisters go, 'You f*ck with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?' That sh*t is exotic! That sh*t looks a lot different than the sh*t you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That sh*t looks like it came off a boat."

Lil Wayne just laughed upon hearing these words.

Reginae Carter, the adult daughter of Lil Wayne, did not find any of the mean and degrading words laughable, so she hit back.

She wrote: "I'm black! I'm beautiful! I'm enough! I'm exotic! I'm amazing! I'm one of a mf kind !!!!! Now where my beautiful black Queens at ?"

One person had this remark: "Why do so many black women wear weaves and wigs of other textures like Brazilians? Is it because they also understand Brazilian women are truly exotic women too.. If they genuinely believe there exotic, they wouldn't wear other races' hair types over their own."

Another commenter replied: "But exotic women are off a boat? So black women are ?????? Somebody help me cause I'm trying to put this together. Cause I'm pretty sure a ton of black women came off boats some hundred years ago like what did he even meaaaaannnn."

This follower wrote: "Black women should stop supporting these black male artists who speak of us in such a negative manner. Black women are the epitome of exotic, 🤡 different complexions eye colors body types hair textures hues idk what he is talking about."

A fourth comment read: "Seriously like her dad is sitting there laughing like his daughter doesn't look like the women, this clown is dogging out!!! We are an example of a woman. Ain't nothing like a Black woman. They forget black women are hired to raise the mixed kids they have with women of other races. Bulk women are hired to comb their kids' hair bc they don't know what to with it. They need to stop."

This fan shared: "All black women are exotic and beautiful. Whatever race women they deal with probably want to be black or act black, so it doesn't matter. Why all of you care about other people's opinions, suppose that's what he likes, so be it. Some ppl go out there a way to validate they are beautiful. If you know you beautiful, what's the point in addressing the matter?"

The backlash over the comments is still brewing.

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