After Fashion Fail, Rasheeda Frost Turns To Keyshia Cole: Can The R&B Diva Make People Forget About Kirk's Wife Disastrous Picture?

After Fashion Fail, Rasheeda Frost Turns To Keyshia Cole: Can The R&B Diva Make People Forget About Kirk's Wife Disastrous Picture?
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost has decided to focus on singer Keyshia Cole for some fun time and smiles after getting dragged mercilessly for her latest fashion fail.

Kirk Frost's wife took to social media where she posted a sweet picture with the talented diva who visited her store in Atlanta.

The Boss Chick captioned the photo: "My boo pulled up on me...Thank you for always supporting #pressed @keyshiacole 😘😘."

The visit to Rasheeda came just days after she unveiled a video showing off her fashion game in a glittery silver dress and shiny booties that had her supporters mocking her.

A critic claimed: "She does too much and thinks it's fashion, but she looks crazy here." A fan defended Rasheeda's decision to take fashion risks.

The person said: "I love this, but I'm so over the sparkles lol..... I guess one more piece won't hurt ❤️. Some of you may have your opinions that you're all entitled to. One thing for sure she's in the clothing business, and you got to take a risk and be daring. It looks good on her too."

Another commenter stated: "Everyone has their own opinion that outfit is everything I love that you dare to be different keep slaying cause you take no prisoners in the fashion game."

A third fan wrote: "Well, we all know some people like this and some people won't. Of course, the media had to locate the ones that don't #medianegativity. For me, I love the look and your style. Continue to think outside the box."

In a recent interview, Rasheeda confessed that she ignores comments on social media and added: "It is tough to protect anything in the world we live in today. Social media allows people to judge you and try to talk you out of your damn goals and dreams while they’re sitting at home pushing buttons and probably not doing anything for themselves. But I try to live my life for me and not take in all of the things that people say. I ignore the comments, most of the time. I continue to press forward knowing that I can’t please everyone. I focus on what I need to do to be happy and successful and not what everybody thinks I need to do. People aren’t always going to agree with me, but many of them haven’t been through what I have been through."

Was this really a fashion fail? Did Keyshia help her out?

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  • Joyce R Singleton
    Joyce R Singleton Jan 27, 2019 10:44 AM PST

    Queen Rasheeda We salute you. I love your Creativity and Your Style. Like any other clothing line. Buy what you like. It's called INDIVIDUALITY. Keep up the Great Work. And Haters Spend some MONEY or just HUSH.

  • Sunshine:)w/Peace&Love
    Sunshine:)w/Peace&Love Jan 27, 2019 7:14 AM PST

    Did I miss the memo that if someone does not prefer your style of fashion that it is a fail? I like what she is rockin', but if I didn't, so what. Fashion today is a combination of all different culture's fashion. Sometimes I see a trend or style that looks like it was inspired by African wear mixed in with Asian style. I see all types of styles that I like and that I don't like but that does not mean it is a fail. Just say you don't like it and move along. Because what one person see as trash or of no worth, another person see as a treasure, of great worth. Just like beauty, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Keep on Rockin' Rasheeda Frost

  • Issys
    Issys Jan 26, 2019 10:01 PM PST

    No this wasn't a fashion fail for Rasheeda, it wasn't anything wrong with what she had on. What she had on, is something they would have on, on the runway👠 🌟

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