After A 'Decade' Of Writing, Courtney Love Declares Her Memoir To Be Finished

After A 'Decade' Of Writing, Courtney Love Declares Her Memoir To Be Finished

After ten years of "drag and drop," Courtney Love pleasantly shocked her audience on Friday by revealing that her memoir was now complete.

The singer congratulated her publisher Harper Collins and co-author Alex Abramovich in a statement announcing her new book, The Girl with the Most Cake.

"Dude(s). I may have just signed my book, I think. Then, following a decade of dragging my ass, Courtney posted on social media.

The publication date of the book is still a mystery, though. Love explained it like this: "Don't ask me when; the key thing is that everything is excellent right now," the speaker said.

"There is (no kidding) a very real supply chain." Courtney also made the decision to reveal what the memoir has in store for readers.

I think it's insane luck to be in the right location at the right moment (and sometimes wrong!) since it seems like I have 29 lifetimes, she added.

The rock star said that she made changes to the memoir in order to incorporate more intimate information about her mother and "unbelievably gorgeous grandma." "The truth is much more enjoyable, richer, and significant. Additionally, there are a lot of rags, said, Love.

In 2013, The Girl with the Biggest Cake was going to be released, but Courtney's plans fell through. She referred to the initiative as a failure in 2014, so supporters had to wait.

The release of "The Girl with the Most Cake" was scheduled for 2013, but Love's plans didn't work out. Instead, fans had to wait for the project's release after she labeled it a "disaster" in 2014.


Kurt Cobain, the frontman for Nirvana and Love, welcomed their daughter Frances Bean Cobain in 1992. The renowned musician passed away in April 1994.


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