Adult Swim To Air 'Rick And Morty' New Episode Amid Female Writers Controversy

Adult Swim To Air 'Rick And Morty' New Episode Amid Female Writers Controversy
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Fans are eager to catch Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 that will air this evening amid a boatload of controversies caused by naysayers and trolls who are angry at the female writers.

The popular animated comedy follows the incredible and fascinating story of a mad scientist and his grandson via multiple timelines.

The Adult Swim sci-fi show has many passionate fans on social media who master Sandman , Star Trek , Dragon Ball Z , Battlestar Galactica , and Zardoz and a few of them were not pleased by the ideas and storylines cooked up by two female writers -- Jane Becker and Jessica Gao.

The writers were harassed, hacked, and their info was leaked online. This is also known as doxing, and it forced the show's co-creator and executive producer Dan Harmon to step out and defend his team.

Harmon, who left social media, explained that he is furious over the fact that some of the "idiot" viewers only want men to write for the show.

He said: “I am on a Twitter sabbatical, so the last thing I saw about that was [the Reddit thread detailing the harassment], and I have seen the tweets they have sent to the female writer. I was familiar going into the third season, having talked to Felicia Day, that any high-profile women get doxxed, they get harassed, they get threatened, they get slandered. And part of it is a testosterone-based subculture patting themselves on the back for trolling these women....I think it is all disgusting.”

He added: “It is total ignorance of how writing a television show works. It is frustrating enough having run Community for several years to see threads like, ‘Oh well, it makes sense this episode was written by Andy Bobrow because when Hilary Winston wrote her episode she tends to linger more on dialogue and Andy is better at the I-want-to-hold-you moments.’ And I want to scream at my computer: ‘You idiots, we all write the show together!’ If you can tell the difference between one writer and another on a show I am running I have probably gotten so lazy that it has not all been blended and refined in the usual process.There’s a bunch of reasons why we do not accurately reflect how many writers contribute to each episode in the credits.”

Above is a preview of tonight's episode which seems to indicate that that fans will be getting the back story of Rick and Beth's relationship.

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