Adrienne Houghton Now Weighs 105 Lbs. And This Mean Comment Motivated 'The Real' Co-Host To Shed The Pounds So She Can Get Pregnant

Adrienne Houghton Now Weighs 105 Lbs. And This Mean Comment Motivated 'The Real' Co-Host To Shed The Pounds So She Can Get Pregnant
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Adrienne Houghton, a co-host on The Real , recently surprised many of her followers when she debuted her very slimmed-down body on social media.

The singer and TV star has been very open about the reasons for her weight loss, and while some are positive, others were mean and rather cruel.

Adrienne revealed that in the past few months, she lost 20 pounds by eating right,(she stopped eating bread, pasta, and other white refined carbs) and exercising because she is doing her best to get pregnant.

Via an interview with Hola! and her All Things Adrienne vlog, she spoke about her significant lifestyle change by saying: “I legit at the top of the summer looked at myself in the mirror, and I was just like, what are the things that I want to change? One of those things was, I want to be healthy, and I don’t want to go on a diet. I want this to be a lifestyle.”

Adrienne, who is 4’11,” now weighs 105 pounds, and it took her three months to achieve her goal.

She shared one of the harshest comments that motivated her, it was a person who asked why does she have several chins?

She stated: “I’ve read so many amazing compliments from you guys, so I just want to tell you to thank you. You guys have also inspired me in a major way, some in good ways, and some in bad ways. Some of your comments that were like, why does she have seven chins? Or why does she look a certain way, that was something that I turned into fuel to be the best version of myself? And you guys have given me the best compliments that I look great. That just reminds me every day to continue to be good to myself, good to my body.”

She went on to explain how the comments pushed her to drop the pounds: “If I’m honest, my weight gain in the last few years has been like a struggle for me where I’m like, I never looked at myself as being overweight. And it was weird to hear so many comments at one point that I was fat, and ‘Oh my God, she let herself go!’ I was like, ‘Whoa.’ So that was a little bit weird.”

She continued with: “Seeing the difference was crazy. There is something so dope about achieving your goal and knowing; for me, it was knowing that I absolutely can do this. It is possible. It just takes discipline. That makes me feel great, knowing that it’s something that I absolutely have control over.”

Adrienne has managed to turn things around.

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  • Sharon
    Sharon Jan 15, 2020 4:01 AM PST

    You look great Adrienne. Did u not think to ask your husband to join you on your health quests

  • No name
    No name Jan 9, 2020 5:12 AM PST

    Does she understand if you are underweight, it maybe harder for her to get pregnant?

  • James Cygnus
    James Cygnus Jan 8, 2020 4:42 PM PST

    105 at 4'11" is perfectly acceptable. Unfortunately the fat mafia has decreed that the new normal for women is overweight with huge linebacker legs and enormous arses. What's sad is that image of "attractiveness" is a hold over from the plantation days when only the largest, biggest slaves were allowed to have children. Women were "prized" for their ability to bear multiple children and survive.

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